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Relaxing Master Baths

Out of all the spaces in your home, the one you probably spend the most time in each day is the bathroom. Every morning and evening begins and ends there; it’s a place for routines and relaxation. Shouldn’t a room that you see so often not just be functional but also beautiful?

More and more, master bathroom design has reflected a serene, spa-style aesthetic. As the master suite rose in prominence, the bathroom became an extension of the overall space instead of a closed-off, separated room. Master baths are also more heavily customized now and include features that reflect the people that use them.

We love seeing bathrooms get the attention and upgrades that they deserve! Our favorite sophisticated bathroom element? Beautiful quartz vanities, backsplashes, tubs, and showers. Quartz has a non-porous, easy-clean, durable performance that makes it the perfect bathroom finish. Want to see examples of how you could incorporate quartz into your master suite? Browse through our favorite Cambria quartz bathrooms below!

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