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Quartz Vs. Granite? What’s the Difference?


You’re planning a major kitchen overhaul; cabinets, appliances, countertops – you’re tackling it all! Along with the anticipation of cooking delicious meals in your glorious new kitchen, you’re also feeling slightly overwhelmed. Remodeling is filled with a seemingly unending stream of decisions to make: colors, tiles, wood finishes, lighting styles, the list goes on…

There’s one decision that we’d like take off of your list, in the competition of granite vs. quartz countertops, the winner undoubtedly is Cambria Quartz. Need a little more evidence? No problem, we’ve done our research! Here are the top four reasons why we think Cambria Quartz is a better investment than granite:

  1. Greater Durability. Kitchen countertops take a lot of abuse, they’re ground zero, where everything happens. Food prep, hot pans, spills: do your worst! Cambria Quartz is made of stronger materials than granite and designed to stand the test of time.
  1. Engineered for Safety. Quartz and granite are both made of the same natural elements, however, Cambria Quartz is designed to be both stronger and safer. Cambria Quartz is non-porous, which means it won’t absorb bacteria or liquids from raw food; it’s also known to give little to no harmful radon emissions.
  1. Low Maintenance. Quartz cleaning essentials 101: warm water and soap – that’s it! While granite and marble countertops require annual re-sealing, oiling, and polishing, Cambria Quartz is completely low maintenance. All three materials may be an expensive initial investment, but Cambria Quartz is the only one that doesn’t require continued upkeep costs.
  1. Lifetime Warrantee. Cambria stands behind every countertop that they sell, which means that each purchase comes with a lifetime warrantee. We know accidents happen, and our team will be there to help repair the damage!
Experience Excellence in Surfacing

Hello Dan:  We are very happy with the Cambria experience! All went smoothly from the start to the finish….. the measure, the tear-out, the install. We are especially grateful for the careful attention to detail shown by all the workers to protect the custom backsplash and custom tile floor. Thank you for being present as well; gave me a feeling of confidence that “all would go well!” 

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Merci Beaucoup, Diane

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