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Minneapolis Bathroom Remodels: 5 Ways to Incorporate Quartz

Embarking on a bathroom remodel in Minneapolis offers an exciting opportunity to create a truly serene space: one that is both aesthetically stunning and blissfully easy to maintain. One of the most impactful decisions you’ll make is choosing the right materials. In recent years, quartz has emerged as a top contender due to its seamless appearance, exceptional durability, and ease of maintenance. Let’s explore the ways to incorporate quartz in your bathroom remodel, ensuring your space is not only elegant but also practical.


  • Quartz Shower Walls for a Sleek, Seamless Appearance

Imagine stepping into a shower enveloped by the sleek, uninterrupted beauty of quartz. Quartz shower walls offer a modern and clean look that is increasingly popular in bathroom remodels throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The key advantage here is the seamless nature of quartz – it eliminates the need for grout lines, which are often challenging to clean and can detract from the overall aesthetic. This seamless feature not only elevates the style quotient of your bathroom but also simplifies maintenance, making it a practical choice for busy homeowners.


  • Quartz Vanities Combine Style with Durability

Quartz vanities are where style meets functionality in the bathroom. With a plethora of color and design options, quartz can complement any bathroom decor, from the ultra-modern to the timelessly traditional. The surface is exceptionally resistant to stains and scratches, a necessary feature for the often-used vanity area. Its non-porous nature means cleaning is usually nothing more than a mere wipe-down with a damp cloth.


  • Quartz Bathtub Surrounds for a Touch of Luxury

For those looking to add a touch of unexpected luxury to their bathroom, quartz bathtub surrounds are an excellent choice. This application of quartz is as practical as it is beautiful.. Besides its aesthetic appeal, quartz is highly durable and water-resistant, making it ideal for the humid conditions where dripping and pooling may be inevitable.


  • Quartz Flooring: A Unique, Durable Option

Though less common, quartz flooring is a unique and bold option that brings durability and a coordinated look to your home. This choice is particularly appealing for those who desire a cohesive design, as the quartz used on countertops or shower walls can be matched with the flooring. The material’s resistance to moisture and general wear makes it a practical choice for bathroom floors.


  • Quartz Accent Walls or Features

Introducing quartz as an accent wall or in features like shelves or benches can create a striking visual impact. These elements not only serve a functional purpose but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the space. Quartz’s moisture resistance and ease of cleaning make it an excellent choice for bathroom accents. Shower niches like this one add a touch of tasteful modern flair to your bathroom remodel. 


Why Choose Quartz for Your Bathroom Remodel in Minneapolis?

Opting for quartz in your bathroom remodel means choosing a material that offers seamless aesthetics, unparalleled durability, and supreme ease of cleaning. Its fully sealed surface is ideal for the bathroom environment, where hygiene is paramount. The wide array of colors and patterns ensures that quartz can seamlessly integrate into any design theme.


Are you considering quartz for your next bathroom remodel in the Minneapolis-St Paul area? Reach out to us at Select Surfaces for expert advice and a range of high-quality quartz solutions. Visit a showroom or schedule an in-home design consultation to discover how quartz can transform your bathroom into a space that’s as practical as it is elegant.

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