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Made In The USA

We are so fortunate to have connections and the ability to work with quality brands from across the globe, but in times like these we’re inclined to support brands and products that are made in the USA.

There are two American brands that have always stood out to us, not only because of their manufacturing locations, but because of the quality of their product, their Lifetime Guarantee and especially the good they do that has a direct impact on our work and more importantly on our communities.  Read on to learn a little about the history and philanthropic efforts of these two great American brands: Cambria and Elkay! 


(Original photo from Elkay’s first factory.)

Elkay Manufacturing Company began as a vision of Leopold Katz and his son Louis on the North side of Chicago in 1920.

Their goals: 1) manufacture the highest quality sinks and 2) provide exceptional service. The Katz family certainly accomplished their goals and they did it by gaining one satisfied customer at a time.

Today, Elkay is proud to be America’s number-one selling stainless steel sink company. Through the years, Elkay has continued to launch new products, designs, and innovations, and serves as a thought leader in an amazing array of different industries. Elkay is still owned and operated by the original founding family, providing thousands of jobs that support American families and communities.

One of Elkay’s six core values is “We are in Business Forever.” Their conservation and sustainability efforts reflect Elkay’s commitment to this principle and their concern for a better tomorrow.

In 2010, Elkay introduced the award-winning ezH2O water bottle filling station – changing the world of water delivery forever. This innovative, earth-friendly product instantly gained popularity for its ability to reduce plastic bottle waste headed for landfills.  It is estimated that the ezH20 has helped eliminate over 20 BILLION disposable plastic bottles!

Elkay’s FOUNTAINS For Youth foundation believes that children deserve clean water, especially where they’re learning and growingevery day. That’s why they’re providing fresh, filtered drinking water to schools in need.

Family owned, made in Chicago, quality products, Lifetime Guarantee, doing good for others… Some of the reasons we have chosen to partner with this American Made brand.

Select Surfaces proudly displays and provides Elkay Stainless Steel sinks, Quartz sinks, Fireclay sinks and Faucets.  You can see their collection in our showrooms or by visiting


Cambria’s story begins long before quartz.  It all started in 1936 when Mr. Davis earned an apprenticeship in the butter making industry.  Along the way, Stan Davis purchased a small creamery in southern MN.  The creamery grew into a thriving dairy business and with new technology the Davis family changed their focus to cheese making and eventually whey protein.  This is a family that understands manufacturing, which led to the family entering the quartz manufacturing business in 2000 and the birth of Cambria in 2001.

Today, Cambria is celebrating their beautiful collection of quartz slabs with the introduction of 20 new designs to celebrate their 20th year in business.

Beyond business, Cambria’s foundation, Camp Cambria raises awareness and funds for kids and teens that suffer from Juvenile Arthritis.  Cambria also sponsors and supports many local associations including Bolder Options, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Playing for Change, True Friends and more.  Learn more here: Cambria Philanthropic Contributions

Family owned, made in Minnesota, quality products, Lifetime Warranty, doing good for others… Some of the reasons we have chosen to partner with this American Made brand.

Select Surfaces proudly installs Cambria quartz countertops.  Visit our Roseville or Plymouth showroom to see dozens of displays and full slabs as well as samples of the entire Cambria collection and edges too.

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I had a good experience with select surfaces and my cambria countertops. There are lots of stone choices to choose from, and you can take samples home. Waiting time for install was not long at all and the actual install only took a day. Very good installers. Countertops look beautiful. No maintenance to keep the countertops looking beautiful. That’s my favorite part.

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