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Kitchen Remodeling in the Twin Cities

At Select Surfaces, we understand that the heart of your home deserves the finest touch, especially in a vibrant place like the Twin Cities. Renovating your kitchen countertops can breathe new life into your space, reflecting your style while boosting functionality. We offer a variety of beautiful, high-quality materials that are sure to elevate your bathroom, kitchen, or living space. 

Choosing the Right Material

One of the most crucial decisions in a countertop renovation is selecting the right material. In Minnesota, where the climate can be a mix of extreme cold and warmth, durability and maintenance become key factors. Here are some popular options:

  • Cambria: Minnesota-based Cambria prides itself on being a leading family-owned, American-made producer of natural stone surfaces. For consumers, that means a top-quality, handcrafted product they can be proud of with breathtaking beauty, exceptional durability, and maintenance-free convenience. All backed by their Full Lifetime Warranty.
  • Corian Quartz: Corian Quartz, by Dupont, brings the best of nature and science to contemporary residential and commercial design.  Engineered with pure quartz crystals, beaming with diamond like radiance, Corian Quartz is utterly unique and visually striking.
  • Hanstone: With a North American manufacturing facility, HanStone offers design flexibility to make your vision a reality.  Having texture and quality along with more strength and durability than granite, HanStone Quartz can more than handle the challenges of everyday life and make each day just a little bit brighter.
  • Impact Quartz: The mission of Impact Quartz is to provide a high-quality quartz product to all sectors of the building industry at an affordable price. The origin of the name “Impact” goes beyond the idea of providing great value for all customers.  Impact Quartz is a family run business built by industry veterans, with 50 years of combined experience.

Twin Cities Kitchen Remodeling – Installation

A countertop renovation might seem straightforward, but it requires precision and expertise. At Select Surfaces, we provide professional installation services, ensuring that your countertops are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally sound and durable. We coordinate your full project, starting with removing your old countertops to the final plumbing and appliance connection to maximize efficiency and proficiency, with most projects taking one to three days to complete. We also install backsplashes Our Certified Installation Teams manage every detail, providing a clean and thorough process from start to finish.

Select Surfaces – Your Local Twin Cities Kitchen Renovation Expert

As a Minnesota-based company, we at Select Surfaces pride ourselves on understanding local tastes and needs. We offer a wide range of countertop options and professional advice, guiding you through every step of your renovation journey. Renovating your kitchen countertops is a significant step in transforming your home. In the Twin Cities, where style meets functionality, it’s crucial to choose the right materials and experts for the job. At Select Surfaces, we’re dedicated to helping you make choices that reflect your style, meet your needs, and enhance your home’s value. Contact us today or visit one of our showrooms and let’s start the exciting journey of transforming your kitchen!

Experience Excellence in Surfacing

Jeremy and Laura, here are a couple of pictures of our recently completed project.  The countertops look great and we really appreciate everything you and your team did.


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