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Hibernating Season: Cozy Winter Spaces


It took a little longer than usual this year, but once again the Twin Cities has transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland. Us Minnesotans know, there’s something magical about the snow’s annual appearance. Sure, the weather can make life inconvenient. Shovels and snowblowers are dragged out from their garage hideaways. Traveling anywhere takes a bit longer than usual. Still, though, this slower pace of life that the snow invites is a spark for making memories.

Living in the midwest means making peace with the winter weather and making the best of (perhaps even enjoying) hibernation season. After all, the snowy holidays revolve around treasured family traditions. Outdoors we enjoy activities like skating, sledding, and skiing. Then once we’re tired out, we head back inside to hunker down with hot cocoa and holiday movies!

While what matters most is who you’re making memories with, a cozy place to cuddle certainly helps inspire a mood of merriment. A warm crackling fire could make anyone want to stop and relax for a while! Whether you’d prefer a rustic log cabin or a minimal modern retreat, our designers can help transform your space into your ideal winter refuge. Explore some of our favorite havens for hibernation below!








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