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Heart of the Home: Host-Friendly Kitchens


The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means one thing: the hosting season is nearly upon us! Certain traditions can be counted on when large groups of guests gather together. Folding chairs make their annual appearance. Beverages will get spilled at the most inconvenient time. And lastly, your guests will absolutely end up in the kitchen.

You could have the most comfortable living room around, but everyone will still pack themselves in the kitchen. People like to be where the action is, and more importantly, where the food is! The problem, of course, is when your kitchen isn’t up to the task. Cooking an elaborate meal is already a massive undertaking, doing it while fighting a crowd is downright stressful.

If you’re tired of fighting your space each holiday season, it may be time to consider giving your kitchen an upgrade! Read on below for our four top host-friendly solutions to improve the heart of your home.

Oversized Island – An oversized kitchen island is any host’s secret weapon! They’re the perfect catch-all; a true kitchen MVP. Whether you need prep space, a buffet area, or just spots for guests to sit, an island has you covered. Last but not least, islands are excellent extra storage space!

Extra Appliances – While some appliance upgrades may seem frivolous, you can’t deny how convenient they can be for hosting! Mini fridges are ideal for stocking with all manner of beverages. A warming drawer can keep dishes piping hot until it’s time to serve. And wine coolers are the epitome of kitchen class.

Open Layout – Above any other change, opening up your kitchen’s layout is the best way to ease holiday chaos. Old fashioned, boxy kitchens create congestion and isolate the cook from their guests. Giving your space a more natural flow will work wonders for your hosting game!

Bar Nooks – It doesn’t matter if you’re serving an espresso or a stiff martini, a kitchen bar nook makes a memorable impression! Beyond being a fun opportunity to show off your style, unique bar areas make your home feel special. A custom bar is one of those finishing touches that makes you excited to host more often and show off your home!






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