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Design Trends: Beyond the Basic Bathroom

Design trends are always in a state of flux. Every season there’s a new color, space, finish or style that burns the most brightly. Some fads are short-lived, for example, most designers have already tired of overly sterile feeling, pure white interiors. While other ideas that begin as trends end up having real staying power.

One recent design movement that we can’t get enough of is bold and beautiful bathrooms that go beyond the basics. From elegant and elevated master baths to playful powder rooms with personality, we love seeing homeowners take risks.

Are you ready to take your bathroom from simple to stunning? Read on below for the styles that we think have real staying power and will make your space stand out.

Bright Metallics
This trend has been around for a while for good reason. A fun flash of gold, bronze, or silver can feel both modern and classic (after all, metal has been a part of homes for a long time). Bathrooms and kitchens are great places to play with metallics in particular because they both include plumbing fixtures and cabinets that often require hardware.

Warm Wood
Wood has been showing up in bathrooms more and more, and we’re on board! Some might be hesitant to use the material in a space that faces so much moisture, but we say don’t fret. If you know what you’re doing (or hire someone who does), you’ll be just fine. After all, wood is used for decks, docks, and homes, all of which weather the outdoor elements.


Star Sinks
Whether you’re improving a little power room or a spacious master bath, we cannot recommend a standout, star sink enough. Our only word of warning? Go for a style that’s not just visually appealing, but also practical. For example, the waterfall quartz sink featured above makes a design impression, but it will also withstand years of daily use.


Pop of Pattern
The last bold bathroom trend that we enjoy is a pop of patterned wallpaper or elaborate tile. You may think a strong style might be too much for a small bathroom space, but the opposite is true. Because bathrooms are so separate from the rest of your home, they’re actually an ideal place to play with exotic elements.

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