Design Trend: Statement Countertops


The once humble countertop has undergone quite the image overhaul. It’s transformed from a predominantly functional surface for food-prep and housing appliances, to a focal point in its own right! As the era of DIY design continues to influence style trends, a greater emphasis on bold accents and high-end finishes is steadily rising among homeowners. Lackluster laminate is being ditched in greater numbers for elegant granite and quartz countertops.

Along with the upgrade in quality of materials, switching to quartz countertops means vastly increased style options. Companies like Cambria continue to push creative boundaries and create new, original countertop designs. From subtle, natural color palettes that mimic a sandy beach or babbling brook, to bright navy blue and blazing hot sauce red, there’s a design available to match every style preference.

Browse below through a few of our favorite statement piece and focal point countertops. We’re positive that these strongly styled kitchens are sure to inspire anyone dreaming of making their own countertop upgrade! Still not sure where to get started with your remodel? Come visit our showroom for even more design ideas and advice from our expert staff!



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The countertops look great and your installers were polite and professional.  I will highly recommend your company going forward. Sorry we were so indecisive in our decision making but nothing’s worse than regret.  It worked out beautifully and you know how to run a business the right way.

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