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6 Reasons We Love Elkay Quartz Sinks

At Select Surfaces, we make it a point to only highlight and recommend high-quality products to our clients. With that in mind, we’re proud to feature Elkay sinks, faucets, and accessories in our showroom.

As America’s top-selling stainless steel company, it’s clear Elkay is doing something right! For almost a century, this family-owned and operated company has consistently produced quality, innovative, and beautiful products. In addition, they place an emphasis on supporting local communities and the families that reside within them, which is something we can definitely get behind!

While we love all of Elkay’s products, one of the products we’re most excited to offer our clients is their line of quartz sinks.  Here are some of the benefits of opting for an Elkay Quartz sink over stainless steel or cast iron.

Many Designs to Choose From

With 18 color options and 47 models to choose from, there’s enough variety to suit just about everyone’s style! To prevent fading, each color is UV-stable. Elkay Quartz sinks also offer drain baskets and disposer flanges to match your chosen style.

More Durable and Stronger Design

Elkay Quartz sinks are two times as thick as competing brands, ensuring they’re stronger and longer lasting. Because they’re more durable, shipping an Elkay Quartz sink is a breeze. Other brands run the risk of becoming damaged during shipping, but that’s not an issue with these gorgeous sinks. Because they arrive in perfect shape, there is no risk of a project being delayed due to a broken sink.

Elkay Quartz sinks are also made with organic fibers for added impact resistance and a fiberglass mat is molded to the bottom of the sink to reinforce it. This combined with the sink’s thick material makes it stronger and absorbs noise while working in the sink. In addition, the material is heat-proof up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit to protect the surface from hot cookware.

Longer Lifespan

Compared to cast iron, which will eventually start to show its age, quartz sinks stay looking new longer. Thanks to a range of UV-stable color options, the material won’t begin to fade over time. Quartz is also a non-porous material which means there’s no need to worry about staining or scratching your new sink.

Easy Installation

Installing an Elkay Quartz sink is easy, too. With cutout templates that are true to size, installation is a dream!


Not only are Elkay Quartz sinks beautiful, but they’re also simple to clean! The non-porous material prevents food and residue from sticking to the sink, as well as preventing bacteria from spreading. Say goodbye to expensive specialty cleaners because quartz sinks can be cleaned with just soap and water!

Lifetime Warranty

Every Elkay Quartz sink includes a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured you’re covered if a problem ever comes up.

Here’s a peek at some of our favorite Elkay Quartz sink designs…

Elkay Sinks
Elkay Sinks
Elkay Sinks
Elkay Sinks

Interested in learning more about incorporating a quartz Elkay sink in your home? Get in touch with our team or visit our showroom.

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