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Kitchen Trends: Going Bold with Quartz

One of the most fun elements of interior design trends is that they’re always changing. Year after year, different colors, layouts, fixtures, and materials rise to prominence. In the same vein, specific rooms become the center of evolving interior styles. The current center of home trends? We’d have to say the kitchen!

As the open floor plan has skyrocketed in popularity, the kitchen has grown into the heart of the home. It’s the home base, the command center, the hosting hub, the all-encompassing family gathering place. Is it any wonder then that kitchens are increasingly sophisticated and stylish?

We love seeing our client’s express their unique taste more and more in their homes! As a company that specializes in providing stunning interior surfaces, we’re excited by the push towards bold choices. From dramatic waterfall islands to accent piece Cambria countertops, there are unlimited options to try. Explore our favorite ideas and approaches below!

Experience Excellence in Surfacing

The countertop, sink and faucet are now in place in our powder room, and they look fantastic! I couldn’t be happier. The installation crew and the plumber did a terrific job. The “lead” guy on the installation crew told me he thought the countertop, sink and faucet that I chose were the best combination he’d seen. That was very nice to hear! Tomorrow we’ll put in the new mirror, towel rack, etc. It’s been a lot of fun to see each change go in. Many thanks to you and all the crew members for your help in giving our 1990 bathroom a much fresher look, and for getting it all done before Thanksgiving. Have a great weekend and a very happy holiday season!

- Kathy F. – Northfield, MN read more »